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Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course

Goal: understanding blockchain and cryptocurrency fundamentals for approaching crypto crime as well as acquiring initial blockchain investigative skills.


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand peer-to-peer networks and decentralized currencies.

  • Explore different types of blockchains and their commercial and private applications.

  • Identify various digital currencies and their underlying blockchain infrastructure.

  • Learn digital currency transactions, including sending, receiving, and storage methods.

  • Navigate and utilize "Block Explorers" to access blockchain data.

  • Gain insight into smart contracts and DeFi applications (Web3).

  • Understand digital currency markets and valuation principles.

  • Differentiate between crypto service providers (Exchanges/Payment processors, DEX, OTC's, etc.).

  • Learn the basics of how to analyze illicit activities on the blockchain.

  • Understand the relationship between the traditional banking system and the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Explore regulatory landscapes in different jurisdictions.

  • Develop basic risk assessment and risk management approaches for Blockchain and digital currency.

Prerequisite: none

Duration: 18 hours (3 days)

Upon completion: Participants will gain deep familiarity with the digital currency and blockchain industry structure, key players, and valuation mechanisms of cryptocurrencies. They will also acquire proficiency in using various tools for viewing and analyzing blockchain data.

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