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Regulators and Compliance officers training

Goal: Equip Regulators and Compliance officers with practical knowledge and tools to develop a risk-based approach for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the regulatory landscape across different jurisdictions.

  • Exploring the connection between the traditional banking system and the Blockchain ecosystem.

  • Developing risk assessment and risk management approaches for Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

  • Introduction to Money Laundering techniques in cryptocurrencies.

  • Identifying red flags in Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs).

  • Understanding off-chain/on-chain risk factors.

  • Understanding Decentralized Finance (DEX).

  • Requesting Information from VASPs.

  • Reporting suspicious activities.

  • Evaluating compliance policies for VASPs.

Prerequisite: Completion of Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course.

Duration: 18 hours (3 days)

Upon completion: Regulators and Compliance officers will be adept at evaluating and developing compliance policies for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry. With a broad understanding of all elements in this ecosystem, they will possess the skills to report suspicious activities and perform risk assessments effectively.

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