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Prosecutors training

Goal: Equip Prosecutors to present Blockchain and Cryptocurrency evidence in court and assist Legal professionals in developing legislation for the Blockchain environment.


Main takes:

  • Simplifying the Best Evidence Rule for court explanations.

  • Understanding Assets Seizure and Classification.

  • Extracting evidence from open-source intelligence and Blockchain data.

  • Differentiating between centralized and decentralized platforms.

  • Techniques for hiding and finding funds on the Blockchain.

  • Transaction analysis - structures and patterns.

  • Requesting Information from Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs).

Prerequisite: Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course.

Duration: 24 hours (4 days)

Upon completion: the Prosecutors and the Legal professionals will be able to explain and show Blockchain and Cryptocurrency evidence in court, how to fill a request for information for VASP, how to produce and enforce a Seizure order of digital assets, and will be familiar with blockchain analysis tools with which the accused can be convicted in court.

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