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Operational Simulator
Train like a professional

Blockchain investigators must stay ahead of the curve to effectively combat illicit crypto activity. To do so, their training must adopt a professional approach and adhere to the principles followed by other professionals such as pilots and cyber investigators — namely, maintaining and managing their operational competence by proactively and continuously enhancing their investigative skills.

Our 'Operational Simulator' provides the ultimate tool for achieving this by offering a unique array of challenging, hands-on, interactive sessions. These sessions are moderated by experts and designed to allow continuous training for blockchain investigators at all proficiency levels.

The 'Operational Simulator' is not just "another training course." It represents a new approach to blockchain training, specifically designed to let you experience the most challenging real-world cases as if you were part of the investigative team. It also establishes a professional training methodology that emphasizes continuous training and operational competence management.

Currently, we publish training series and open them for public registration


Key Features

Realistic and hands-on experience: Training sessions encompass varied themes like fraud & scam, terror financing, money laundering, tax evasion, market manipulation, and more, all based on real-world cases.

Interactive learning experience: The training sessions are interactive and moderated by experts, allowing you to learn from their rich personal experience in blockchain investigations.

Personalized learning experience: The sessions offer targeted training on highly specific tasks and skills and in 3 difficulty levels, accommodating your specific needs.

Manage your progress: After each session, we provide you with a detailed personal performance report,  allowing you to facilitate continuous progress management and measurement.

Earn badges: Externalize and showcase your operational competence by earning professional badges. Elevate and manage your expertise as well as generate new professional opportunities.

Use your own tools: Use your own technological tools during the training sessions. No additional tech tools are required.

Peers Learning: Training sessions are conducted in groups of up to 5 trainees, fostering collaborative learning while maintaining optional anonymity during sessions.

Duration and Structure: Each Training Session spans 3-4 hours, segmented into 45min intervals during which instructors introduce 'hands-on' challenges for trainees to engage with actively.

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Robert Whitaker
Law Enforcement Affairs
Blockchain Intelligence Group

"Live instruction provides for direct interaction with the instructors and other peers. This is a something that no other blockchain training on the market provides"

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Itsik Levy
Co-founder & CEO

"Given the fast evolution and growing complexity of crypto crime, blockchain investigation training must adopt new tools and methodologies akin to other professionals like pilots and cyber investigators and stressing on continuous hands-on practice."

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