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Operational Simulator
for blockchain investigators

Why a simulator?

The ‘Operational simulator’ is the ultimate tool for Maintaining Operational Competence and Continuously improving investigative skills - most essential activities for blockchain investigators at all levels, akin to other professionals such as pilots and cyber investigators.

How does it work?

Streamlined registration: Our intuitive online registration form empowers you to specify your interests and preferences effortlessly.

Online, Interactive Sessions: Delve into our array of training sessions conducted online and moderated by specialized blockchain investigators.

Duration and Structure: Each Training Session spans 3-4 hours, segmented into 45min intervals during which instructors introduce 'hands-on' challenges for trainees to engage with actively.

Diverse Content: Sessions encompass a variety of themes and difficulty levels, curated to meet your specific training requirements.

Group Learning: Sessions are conducted in groups of up to 5 trainees, fostering collaborative learning while maintaining optional anonymity during sessions.

Professional Feedback: After each session, both personal and organizational feedback are provided, facilitating continuous progress management and measurement over time.

Package Recommendation: For optimal results, explore our professional package, strategically designed to enhance your skills.

Key features

Use your own tools

No additional tech tools or integration are necessary, as trainees utilize their own operational tools during simulation sessions.

Micro training

The simulator offers targeted training on highly specific elements and skills, allowing for focused skill development and proficiency enhancement.


Customize training according to individual trainee needs, ensuring personalized learning experiences for maximum skill enhancement.

Professional badges plan

Earn badges based on your Operational Simulator performance, showcasing your operational competence and enabling you to elevate and manage your expertise as well as generate new professional opportunities.




  • Badges awarded based on performance across various themes.

  • Badges valid for a specified period.


  • Enhance credibility and trustworthiness in the field of blockchain investigation.

  • Stand out among peers and competitors with recognized expertise.

  • Access exclusive networking opportunities within the blockchain investigation community.

  • Increase career prospects and advancement opportunities.

  • Access additional resources and support tailored to badge holders.

  • Elevate your professional profile and visibility within the industry.

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