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Certified Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investigator course

Goal: Certify the participants as blockchain and cryptocurrency investigators.


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Acquire a deep understanding of cryptocurrency address structure and wallet types.

  • Gain deep insight into cryptocurrency transaction structures and patterns.

  • Learn cryptocurrency analysis heuristics and clustering techniques.

  • Identify blockchain behavioral patterns (e.g., dusting, peel chain, sub-clusters).

  • Understand the use of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in blockchain investigations.

  • Learn techniques for tagging and mapping illicit entities on the Blockchain.

  • Recognize the importance of data security in the blockchain ecosystem by analyzing hacking and Phishing of digital currency wallets.

  • Learn to investigate ransomware and global Threat Actors financial networks.

  • Understand how to investigate terror financing activity on the Blockchain.

  • Analyze Mixers and Tumblers methodologies.

  • Investigate investment fraud and 'Ponzi' schemes.

  • Investigate Dark Markets and money laundering networks.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course.

Duration: 24 hours (4 days)

Upon completion: Participants will be certified as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency investigators, equipped with advanced blockchain analysis techniques and the ability to initiate blockchain investigations. Graduates will possess a comprehensive understanding of the landscape of blockchain crime, as well as familiarity with available blockchain analysis tools and methodologies.

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