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Smart Contracts and DeFi Specialist course

Goal: Certify Blockchain and Cryptocurrency investigators as Smart Contract and Defi specialists.


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to the Web 3 ecosystem (DEX, NFT, WEB3, DeFi, Lending). 

  • Understating the Smart Contract idea and the Audit process.

  • Transaction structure and patterns.

  • The different types of block explorers and analysis tools.

  • Understating Stable Coins.

  • Analyzing Chain Hopping – follow the money in Smart Contracts.

  • Identifying financial behavioral patterns in DeFi applications and contracts.

  • Understating market manipulation in tokens price.

  • Investigating Smart Contract Exploits.

  • Investigating Token Investment Scam.

  • Investigating anonymity protocols (Smart Contract Mixers).

  • Investigating Rug Pull scams.

Prerequisite: Completion of "Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency" course, and "Certified Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investigator" course.

Duration: 24 hours (4 days)

Upon completion: Participants will be certified as Smart Contract and DeFi specialists. They will have a comprehensive understanding of the challenging ecosystem of Smart Contracts and Web 3.0, along with the ability to analyze advanced Smart Contract transactions using blockchain analysis tools. They will be proficient in identifying entities within Smart Contract networks based on financial patterns and flagging suspicious projects and tokens.

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