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Blockchain training & investigation services 

whitestream is a world-class blockchain analysis company. We are a group of seasoned blockchain investigators, providing professional training and investigation services to government agencies and financial institutions at all blockchain adoption levels and to all types of blockchains, DeFi and web3 applications.

Our training approach

To address the challenges of the evolving crypto market, blockchain training must adopt a more professional approach akin to that of pilots and cyber investigators. This entails embracing professional pedagogical methods, crafting appropriate tools and metrics, and assembling dedicated teams poised to deliver comprehensive training services.

We're reshaping the paradigm of blockchain investigation training by emphasizing the importance of Continuous Skill Enhancement and
Maintaining Operational Competence

Our approach adheres to the following key principles:

Emphasis on Knowledge

Our courses prioritize building a strong knowledge foundation, resulting in longer and more in-depth courses than the industry standard.

Comprehensive Training

In order to achieve desired investigative results, professional training must address the entire organizational investigative chain and for its entire life-cycle.

Technological agnosticism

We believe that tech tools only supplement great professionals. Therefore, our training services have no affinity to specific tech tools.

'Micro training' & 'Personalization'

Each trainee is different and requires a tailored training suite. We stress on specific skills, tasks and sub-tasks to accommodate each trainee specifically.

certified BLKC investigator

Our courses

Introduction to Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Embark on an enriching journey into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Our entry-level course offers a comprehensive understanding of digital currencies, blockchain fundamentals, technical structures, industry players, regulatory landscapes, and their integration with traditional financial systems.

basic blockchain and crypto training course
crypto investigator certification services

Certified blockchain and cryptocurrency investigator

The investigators course guides the participants through the most advanced Blockchain analysis techniques using real life examples, in order to provide them with the knowledge and skills to analyze and investigate cryptocurrency and Blockchain related crimes.

Smart contracts and DeFi specialist

The Smart Contracts and DeFi Specialist Course provides an in-depth understanding of the Ethereum and the Smart Contracts ecosystem, focusing on analyzing ETH, ERC20, ERC721 (NFT) transactions, identify fraudulent activities like Token investment scam, Rug Pull scams and Smart Contract exploits. The course also deals with the role of Stable Coins, Decentralized Exchanges and Cross Chain Bridges.

smart contracts and defi specialist course
regulators training course

Regulators and compliance officers training

Understanding how risk-based approaches work with cryptocurrencies service providers (VASPs) and decentralized businesses (DEX), how to develop adequate AML and compliance policies, understanding the international regulatory environment and the standards for reporting suspicious activity.
The training is based on practical exercises to identify risk factors and red flags.

Prosecutors training

Learn how to analyze and present evidence when it comes to decentralized finance, the implication of the Best Evidence Rule and requests for information. 

prosecutors training course
Tax auditors course

Tax auditors training

Unlock the expertise to analyze cryptocurrency transactions and seamlessly integrate them into tax audits. Learn cutting-edge techniques and best practices to effectively convert crypto data into actionable insights for tax compliance.

Intro to BLKC course
Smart contract specialst

Our 'Operational Simulator' for investigators

Interactive and well-structured training sessions, for Maintaining Operational Competence and improving investigative skills

operational simulator for blockchain investigators

Our complementary training services

Private lessons

'Private lessons'

A supplementary array of training sessions tailored to specific investigative sub-tasks and skills.

Private lessons for blockchain investigators
Cross sectoral blockchain investigation training

'Cross-sectoral' training

Coordinate multi-sectoral simulation scenarios involving regulators, investigators, and prosecutors to refine and enhance cross-sectoral processes.

Cross sectoral

Our incident response services

Incident response

Ransomware attack

Large organizations and small businesses can be targets of ransomware attacks that demand payment in cryptocurrency, we can assist you with regulatory demands, negotiations in the terms of the ransom payment, and the recovery process.

ransomeware analysis services
cyber breach analysis services

Security breaches

Wallet hacks, Smart contract exploits and Security Breaches. Our trained team members and investigators are available anytime for immediate service and assistance in times of crisis, for analyzing the security breach and the recovery of the stolen funds.


Our Blockchain investigation services

Our investigation services are based on refining hundreds of crypto crime investigations from terror financing to sophisticated fraud and theft.

General blockchain investigations

Investigate illicit crypto activity, tracing and recovering stolen crypto funds.

For: individuals, governmental agencies and financial institutions

general crypto investigation services
crypto fraud detection services

Fraud detection for businesses

Unmasking abusive engagement with fraudulent 3rd party actors

For: exchanges & banks, individuals, governmental agencies

Due diligence for crypto investors

Pre-investment investigation, providing compliance clearance and pursuing fraudulent indications.

fraud detection services
General inv
Due diligenc
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